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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a method that is used to form a range of plastics.  Vacuum forming is cost effective and high quality.

The benefit of plastic vacuum forming is its versatility. It offers a good price, performance and rate of production. Prototypes can be created promptly and properly. These are used to prove components before full production tooling is needed. 

vacuum forming
vacuum forming
vacuum forming

For many industries, plastic products are created using vacuum forming. We can manage your vacuum formed products throughout all the stages involved in plastic forming.

An example of a vacuum formed product is a plastic tray. The tray mould is placed in a vacuum former and a pressed polystyrene sheet is placed above it. The polystyrene is then heated and vacuum formed to the shape of the mould.

Many daily products have been vacuum formed by doing this. Take a look around your home. Many food products are also packaged in vacuum formed materials. 

Advantages of vacuum forming: 

  • Cost-Effective
  • Ability To Form Very Large Parts
  • Sharper Details
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Allows for Undercuts
  • Quicker Tooling
  • Allows for Moulded-In Texture

Common usage of vacuum forming:

  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Leisure Vehicles
  • Equipment Enclosures, Bezels, Housings and Covers
  • Automotive Interior and Exterior
  • Swimming pool and Spa
  • Dunnage Material Handling Trays & Pallets
  • Health and fitness Equipment

Innovative equipment and moulds are used of for continuous computerised production. This is used for of high quantity products like yogurt pots, non reusable mugs and sandwich packs.

Unlike various other plastic forming procedures, where powder or material are the beginning factors, vacuum forming uses squeezed out plastic sheet. With vacuum forming a second process might be needed to cut the developed sheet to reach the completed part. The trimmed waste could after that be re-ground and recycled.

Typical products produced by vacuum forming:

  • Baths & Shower Trays
  • Ski-Boxes
  • Equipment Guards
  • Refrigerator Liners
  • Outside Shop Sign
  • Yogurt Pots
  • Watercraft Hulls
  • Car Door Liners
  • Sandwich Boxes
  • Parts of vehicle cabs

Tooling prices are also significantly less expensive in contrast to most other plastic procedure production. It is particularly less expensive than shot moulding. This makes vacuum forming perfect for big components or brief production runs.