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Returnable Packaging

The Returnable Packaging Association (RPA) specifies 'returnable product packaging' as product packaging that includes "... multiple-use pallets, racks, mass containers, hand-held containers and dunnage that move item efficiently and securely throughout the supply chain." If implemented correctly, returnable product packaging expense financial savings can be significant.

Key to the definition of reusable product packaging is its design for durability as well as reuse. Often, pallets and containers of lighter building and construction are reused opportunistically, or for applications aside from the initial purpose. Technically we would not call this recyclable packaging. However, such applications appreciate a few of the very same advantages of recyclable packaging on an extra minimal extent, such as minimised expense on each journey and avoided waste creation.

Made from a range of products including including REPT, Polypropylene, Hips, ABS or even HDPE. They are available in a substantial variety of sizes that are compatible with industry standard racking, conveyors, pallets and so on.

The nature of the material implies they are durable, long-term and use a great level of protection for the products within.  They are also adequately robust to be used for sturdy applications. Most are very easy to clean and resistant to moisture and most chemicals.

One Way Packaging

One-way packaging is predominantly used by the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and agri-food sectors. They are tailored to meet the highest hygiene demands, rust immune and also are suitable to be in contact with food. There are a variety of benefits for using single journey packaging, and that is why it is still preferred across a variety of sectors and applications.

The initial cost of purchasing the product packaging is reduced, because of the lighter weight, more cost-effective materials (i.e. corrugated cardboard) from which it is produced.

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