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Plastics By Design are one of the top pioneers in plastic thermoforming. With a highly experienced technical team fully supported by the most up-to-date equipment. Plastics By Design are established as one of the European leaders in its field.

Judge us on the companies we keep.

Protective Packaging and Point of Sale (POP):

Sony, GSK, Unilever, ITT Cannon, Caradon Mira, John West Foods, MK Electric, Revlon, Abbott Labs, Gillette, Birds Eye Walls, EMI, Coty UK, WM Grants, Kraft Foods Europe, Cannon Avent, General Mills, Cobe Labs, Gambro Medical, Lightbody's Cakes, Duracell Batteries, Sharpe Manufacturing, Homebase, Wilko, Fischer Fixings, Wickes DIY, 

Transit Trays:

Motorola, Dyson, Tesco, Sainsbury's, IBM, Flextronics, Honda, BMW, Nissan, Ford, Bosch, Renault, Epson,  Pace, Procter & Gamble, Makita, NGF Europe, Zarlink Semiconductor, VTL Automotive, International Rectifier, Denso, INA Bearing, Hitachi, M&S,


Panasonic, Huntleigh Nesbit Evans, Marley, Capterpillar, Crane Merchandising, Honeywell Controls, Lansing Linde, Aston Martin, Earlex, Westomatic, Four Square, Mars Electronics, Hamworthy Heating, Balmoral, Britax, Control Technique, RS Biotect, Andrews.Siemen Medical, NBS Cyro, Nacco Group, Philips Electronics, Alexander Dennis, Bell Fruit. Toshiba Manufacturing.

The first vacuum formed illuminated freezer display; for Birds Eye Walls  

The first pressure forming used on Concorde  1000; armrest radio moulding

Complete NHS bed; fully moulded and assembled using vacuum and pressure  forming's for HNE 

Transit trays for the glass industry; supplying the Scottish Distilleries and made for all the major glass bottle suppliers

The first expandable SOT for butter and ice cream tubs. Stacking them on their sides increased sales by 35%- made for Kraft Europe 

The first plastic twin wheel barrow; made from 6mm modified PP.

Awarded a Gold medal at the NEC GLEE Exhibition

The first 2 litre bottle trays; pressure formed in PP material and used by Tesco and Sainsbury's

The Solero bin which copied the iced shots carton. The Solero bin won the Gold POP award; only 12 awarded  annually. This was for Birds Eye Walls    

Pressure forming display using pre-printed cast acrylic material used in Bars and Clubs 

Eddie the head is the logo for the Rock group Iron Maiden and we designed this to hold 15 CDs. This is made up of three Pressure Formings and produced for EMI 

These Protective packaging end caps replaced the pulp mould end caps; reduced cost and better performance. This was for Panasonic.

Protective Packaging Transit tray; combined to produce two cavity trays to hold printer lids. Trays re-used repeatedly

The First twin protective packaging tray for heart and lung operations for children. This was for Gambro  

Robotic transit tray for roller bearings. Vertical sides were needed to enable loading into the Renault engine plant machinery. 

The first full size Pressure forming for a coffee vending machine which was made for Crane Merchandising 

The first vacuum formed tray insert; making it easier to have different combinations of power tools, with just one injection moulded case. This was made for Makita  

The first robotic chocolate insert trays; Tesco's Christmas range

Protective packaging for machined Trubo shafts used in Mercedes, VW and Audi cars;  shipped from the UK to Italy and then onto Germany. 

This visor has a 3D head band with a 250 micron APET super clear visor. This project took 7 working days from start to finish. Over 500k delivered to the NHS

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