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Component Trays

 The cost-effective of handling systems. 

 Multi-trips and single use component trays and container designed as integral part of production handling systems which increase efficiency through time saved, reduce wastage and increase output. 

    Especially applicable to robotically fed and fully automatic assembly lines, thermoformed component trays ensure that precision machined parts arrive at the assembly point not only in the right quantity and on time but with precise and predictable positioning.   


   Many types and sizes of trays, vacuum formed containers and full-size plastic pallets have been produced by Plastics By Design to suit a wide variety of components and assembly line needs. We can form component trays up to 8mm thick and over an area of 2m x 1.5m and to a depth of 700mm. Most of our component tray are formed in thinner gauge material ranging from 250 micron up to 1.5mm. There are also a wide range of material like Rpet, Hips, PP, ABS, PC, electrically conductive and anti-static material.    Various features can be moulded in to protect or retain the product, and to ensure it is presented in the correct configuration for the assembly. Properties may be specified to suit the application, such as high strength, chemical resistance, electrically conductive or anti-static dissipative. For clear identification, tray can include embossed sections featuring company name, logo, part numbers or other information. 

      Trays or plastic pallet trays may also be provided with de-nesting and stacking features. These make possible space-saving stacking of empty units with easy release when required, also stacking of loaded trays with full protection for contents.


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