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Advantages of Plastic

As you are probably all aware, the word "plastic" is recently spoken in a hushed tone. The recent media has all but deemed plastic as the scourge of all evils, single-handedly destroying our planet.  When in actual fact the truth is very different! It is vitally important to understand and appreciate that plastic is a brilliant resource and it only becomes a problem when humans neglect to recycle or dispose of it probably. 

There are many different types of plastic, many of which are fully recyclable and if used efficiently, carry overwhelming advantages to other packaging materials and in doing so are more economically and more importantly environmentally friendly! 

Don't believe us read on... 


Plastic is one of the cheapest packaging materials. Savings start from the manufacturer, as the polymers and the protective packaging design can be mass produced in low cost. 

Furthermore, plastic is lightweight and stackable, resulting in heavy (no pun intended) savings in transportation costs and efficiency.

For example for the same amount of bags, it takes 1 truck to deliver plastic bags and 7 to deliver bags. 


Regardless of what the media portrays, plastic is not as harmful to the environment as you may think. In fact studies have shown that if there was no plastic packaging available and other materials were used instead the overall packaging consumption of packaging mass, energy and greenhouse gas emissions would increase. So next time you feel the media is pressuring you to not buy items in plastic packaging just stop and consider the repercussions and instead simply recycle your plastic!  

Plastics By Design only uses recyclable PET and rPET, which is already recycled. In fact many of our products can be returned and re-used, further enhancing their lifespan and reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill. 

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Versatility in Design

There are virtually no limits to the shape and design of plastic protective packaging. Whether you'd like your product in a blister pack, clamshell or a stand-up pouch, there are advantages to each which are preferred for individual products. They can be designed and manufactured to your bespoke specifications and offer maximum protection during transport and point of sale.



Compared to other available materials such as moulded pulp and cardboard, plastic is more durable and more suitable for protecting the product in transit. Plastic is waterproof and helps to protect the product from any damp related issues in transportation, as most clamshell and blister packs are watertight. 

Therefore, if the packaging is more durable there is less waste created compared to other materials.

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