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Vacuum Forming and Pressure Forming

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Our long background in thermoforming makes us your first choice for vacuum forming and pressure forming. Our team has the expertise and skill required to offer an effective and high quality service. We can oversee the entire process. From the preliminary design to the end product we are here to ensure high quality. All our products are created with the attention to detail that assures your needs are met.

vacuum formed products

Thermoforming is a plastic moulding procedure. This involves heating sheet plastic and forming it over a male or female mould. Plastics by Design Ltd offer both standard kinds of thermoforming procedures - vacuum forming and pressure forming. These procedures make plastic thermoforming a broad and diverse plastic forming procedure as has over 35 years experience in the thermoforming industry.

  • Vacuum Forming
  • Twin Sheet Moulding
  • Tooling and Design
  • Pressure Forming
  • Protective Packaging
  • Project Management

Thermoformed plastics are ideally suited for many industries. These include consumer products, automotive industry, product packaging, retail and display, sports and recreation, electronics, and commercial applications.

One of the most useful facets of thermoforming is its reduced tooling and engineering prices. It also offers a quick turn-around time. This makes thermoforming or vacuum forming excellent for model development and low-volume production.

Plastic Transit Trays are among the most used approaches to handling plastic products. Vacuum formed items are part of our lives and play a major part in our daily functioning.

Vacuum forming

Plastics By Design are based in Wiltshire but can provide our vacuum and pressure formed products throughout the UK. Call 01380827022to find out more about our plastic formed products.

vacuum forming

The process involves heating a plastic sheet till soft and then curtaining it over a mould. A vacuum is applied drawing the sheet right into the mould. The sheet is after that expelled from the mould. 

In its advanced methods, the vacuum forming process makes use of sophisticated heat controls. These heat controls can be pneumatic or hydraulic. This makes it possible for higher production rates and even more in-depth vacuum created applications.

A sheet of plastic product is warmed to pliability, then pushed onto a 3D mould by vacuuming out the air in between the sheet, and the mould.

Common uses :

  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Protective Packaging
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Vending machines Panels
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Transit Trays 
  • Equipment Enclosures and Covers
  • Automotive Transit Trays        
  • Dunnage Material Handling Trays & Pallets
  • Electronic Transit Trays

Call 013809827022 to find out more about our vacuum formed and pressure formed products. Plastics By Design are based in Wiltshire but can provide our plastic formed products throughout the UK.

Pressure Forming 

Pressure forming is an innovative variation of the vacuum forming process. This utilises air pressure during forming to help enhance the detail on the mould. The stress used is around 5 times more than with vacuum form processes. This makes it feasible to obtain highly specified attributes at close tolerances.

pressure forming

Advantages  :

  • Sharp edges
  • Tight corner radii
  • Multiple-textured surfaces
  • Better control of wall thickness for structural integrity
  • Embossed lettering and other fine surface detail
  • Under cuts and reverse drafts

Common uses :

  • Medical Equipment
  • Transit Trays 
  • Vented Equipment Enclosures
  • Control Panels
  • Detailed Components
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Protective Packaging
  • Office Equipment
  • Control Panels
  • Multi-Part Assemblies

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